Google and Qualcomm releasing a Project Tango smartphone this year: sneak peek into the features?

Google’s recent partnerships with related as well as unrelated sectors have resulted in various innovations in the past few years. Some were good, some were bad and few others were plain ugly. Here is a sneak peek into one of its latest partnership with Qualcomm and their upcoming star, Project Tango Smartphone.


Google has, in the past, teamed up with brands such as Levi’s and explored the concept of smart Jacquard clothes. A similar partnership started between Google and Qualcomm when then announced the launch of Project Tango, a tablet and smartphone platform revolving around 3D usages. The device claimed of capturing and turning the environment around the user into a unique 3D model...

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Earn super returns from commercial real estate

As far as investment options are concerned, commercial real estate continues to be the most desirable investment options in the country. A senior professional at ICICI Venture thinks that on an average, the returns from the rental income on an investment in commercial properties in the prominent metros are about 8 percent, which is considered highest in the world.


Reasons behind the high return from commercial real estate investment

As compared to the conventional investment options available such as fixed deposits and bonds, the return ranges within 5.5 to 6.5 percent, while investing in the commercial real estate can actually offer  you a great deal of money. There are many people who consider it the way to double their money within small span of time...

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VPN: For secure and Anonymous surfing

Virtual Private Network


VPN (Virtual Private Network) helps to establish a private network over a public network. VPN provides the service of sharing various data across shared of even public network with as if it was connected to a private network. Above all it provides security and privacy of the data transmitted.


VPN establishes a virtual point-to-point connection virtually tunneling protocols. VPN is similar to a WAN connection but only virtual. Users can access data similar to that of a private network. It helps office employees to use or see the Company database and access the office intranet even from outside.


A major limitation of VPN is that they are point-to-point, and do not support or connect to broadcast domains...

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Top TV Technologies Developed in Recent Time

TV Technologies


The article is written around the topic of latest developments in the field of Television. The article is going to tell you about a lot of developments that took place recently in the world and all these technologies are making TV viewing experience amazing and breath taking. Keep all these points in mind while buying a new TV.

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All day long we are working hard to reach the deadlines, these deadlines are taking a toll on our health, and all of them are going to make us sick and a frustrated. After such a long day at work, all of us need an entertainment break but because of being spent, we simply cannot move out of house. Television is one appliance that comes to our rescue under such circumstances...

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Top Technical Skills that are in Demands

Technical Skills


The article talks about the various skills that are required to be there in a potential candidate for a job in the field of IT. People will learn about the different things they need to work in order to be a hot shot in the IT industry, they are going to learn a lot of things from this article.

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“Technology has changed the world,” is an un-debatable statement. Nobody can point a finger at technology for not making our lives easier and comfortable.We all know how important technology and its latest updates are for us. It is the magic of technology that allows us to talk to our friends and family members living in different corners of the world and it is the effect of technology that we are able to earn a lot of money by sitting at home...

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